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Historically, Croton Heights is important. It is towards the north end of the original Stephanus Van Cortlandt grant where in 1740 Richardson Davenport built the old manor house which he called Davenport's, and in 1776 rebuilt it to its present colonial mass. In 1781 it was taken over by Washington for Christopher Greene's Headquarters and had a brief but tragic part in the revolution. Today, known as Greenehold, the solid dignified structure bears graciously its modern changes for comfort and convenience.

Other substantial buildings, indicating the sturdy stuff of the inhabitants who made a comfortable living off the land a hundred or more years ago, include a twenty-five room house which has been remodeled, modernized and operated as Croton Heights Inn during the summer months. It is  hoped that the War's close will encourage normal conditions before too long and that the Inn will be open the year round.

Friends of the Inn who return year after year come for rest and relaxation; for quiet to write, paint or compose music. They come to study out of door life and renew the pleasant acquaintance of people with similar tastes. One and all are glad to leave the increasing complexities of the city for the simple, healthful freedom of the country in its unspoiled state.

The real estate development in progress at Croton Heights has extended to forty-six summer and year round homes, owned by a group of practical idealists who are in sympathy withthe rather conservative policies of the place and who would like to see them continue. Each has a beautiful location with a house that fits the site and seems to have grown out of it.


ROUTE - By automobile. Saw Mill River Parkway into Bronx Parkway Extension. Across the bridge over Croton Lake turn sharply to right into Route 129. At the first light, turn left into Route 118 and continue for a mile to a stone entrance to Croton Heights on the right.

By train. From Grand Central--Hudson River Division of the New York Central with a quick transfer to the Putnam Division at Highbridge. From Sedgwick Avenue or Van Cortlandt Park--Putnam Division with no transfer.